‘The Way I See It’

As many of you know – I love to walk – however – these days my walks are rather more limited – and so I chose the best – and easiest – way for me to enjoy them.

One of my walks is simply on the roadside – from our village to the next one – taking me about 30 mins each way – with a convenient bench to sit on – before I retrace my steps.

The beauty of this walk for me – is that I can just walk on the flat surface of the pathway – with nothing to distract me – for I find it so easy to block out the sound of the occasional traffic as it passes by.

Part of the walk does include a slight rise – and I am often glad when that stretch is behind me – and quite enjoy the downward slope on the way back.

As I walked the other day – I mused on the way we often speak of the ‘ups and downs of life’ – so often equating them to mountains and valleys – usually with the connotation that the valleys are the hard times – and the mountains the good times – but for me as I walked – I became aware that it was so much to do with how I viewed the ‘ups and downs’

I love this quote – “Mountain tops are for views and inspiration – but fruit is grown in the valleys”

I want to view the mountains -not focusing how hard the climb might be – but anticipating the view – and the inspiration it will bring. In the same way – I want to see the valley – not as a dark place that I have descended into – but rather as a fruitful place – a place where growth can happen – and brightness bloom.

My attitude of mind matters – in fact – it’s so important – for it can make such a difference. – as this quote says – “It’s not what you look at that matters – it’s what you see”

Something positive and good – can always be found in my life – either on the mountain top – or in the valley – I simply need to view it in the right way – to allow my spirit – to see beyond what I just look at – that I might see truth and beauty wherever I am.

Blessings – Lois

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