‘Looking With Hindsight’

As I post my Blog today – I remember.

Today is Good Friday – of Easter week in the Christian calendar – the day we remember how Jesus died a cruel death – on a cross.

As I contemplated this – I was aware that I view this event – with hindsight – and recognised the great difference that makes – to how the people of that day – would have seen it.

Many of them would have been filled with such an overwhelming sorrow – a deep shock – at how things had turned out – a helplessness and hopelessness – at what possibly seemed the end of their dreams. They would have anticipated a glorious ending – following the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – envisioning Jesus as a conqueror – freeing them from the tyranny of that day in which they lived.

They didn’t know – as I know – that the ending was so much bigger – encompassing so much freedom – for everyone – over the ages to come.

I know – as I can look back – I can see what was about to happen – know that after that awful day – Jesus would rise again – they would see Him – know Him – and begin to understand the magnitude of what had been accomplished.

It’s hard for me to understand their anguish – to sense how they must have felt – to witness such cruelty administered to the One they had loved and followed for many years.

Yet – it’s important that I remember that day – don’t allow the fact that I know He rose again – to diminish the agony He suffered – on that first Good Friday – while at the same time – being forever thankful – for the joy that rises up within me – as in hindsight -I view the day – knowing what such a death accomplished for me.

Blessings Lois

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