‘ Contemplation and Solitude’

My soul so often yearns for solitude – that place where “silence allows us to listen” – some place ‘away from it all’ – time alone when I can simply allow the silence to envelope me – still my heart to listen – forget time – have no distractions – and simply ‘be’.

Yet – the reality is that I live in a busy world – a world full of needs – everyday necessities – calling for my attention – people to love – to care for – my life is full – yet – not so full that I cannot make the space – the time – to ‘still my soul’ – for that is all that is needed.

It’s always possible to – “Seek the quiet around me – and then to listen to the voice within” no matter where I am – or whatever demands there may be on my life.

Never has this challenge been greater than when we were working as volunteers on a hospital ship – with hundreds of others around us – day and night – and virtually nowhere to find that solitude. However – I soon discovered that solitude was more an ‘attitude of my mind’ – ‘a focus of my heart’ – an ‘interior silence’ – not totally dependent on ‘being physically alone’.

For me – that solitude – that drawing aside – is so important – it’s the desire and need of my soul – that connection with God – when I am so often aware of His presence.

We are built for contemplation – as I read in a book recently “Communion with God – in the silence of the heart – is a God-given capacity” – solitude is where I can create the opportunity to meet and commune with Him -” it’s also a place where I discover – that I am not alone” – He is always there waiting for me.

Blessings – Lois

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