‘Grace For The Day’

As I look out on a cold – blustery day – snow showers scattering the earth with white – I can hardly believe that – only a few days ago – I was sitting outside – enjoying the warmth of the sun – anticipating many more happy hours – long awaited through the winter season.

However – I should have been more prepared for the unpredictability of our weather – as over the years I have learnt to ‘take it as it comes’ – simply readjusting both my plans – and my clothing – to suit the day.

I found this quote- that someone posted on social media – very amusing – “I’m ready for the rest of this week – I have my umbrella – my flip-flops – my mittens – my suntan lotion – my winter coat – my sunglasses – my thermals – my iced tea – and my hot chocolate”

There is just no point in grumbling about these changes – this unpredictability – it’s more about approaching each day – with acceptance and grace.

Life is like that too – it can be very unpredictable – taking us by surprise – and bringing challenges with it. I need to approach each day – with acceptance and grace.

There are those times though – when I struggle to find that grace – find it hard to accept the unexpected situations – times when I need – not only to recognise that I need God’s grace – but also extend grace to myself – to not be too hard on myself when I do struggle with those unexpected situations

I am – so grateful that the help I need is always there for me – whenever I need it – when His hand of love – mercy and grace – is extended to me – every day.

I draw strength from the knowledge that nothing takes Him by surprise – He is never taken unawares – and is there for me – even before I know that I need that extra help – to deal with my day. He helps me to walk my journey – and my prayer is that I can reflect some of the grace that He gives me – and help others on their way too.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I set out on Wednesday on a lovely sunny morning to take Winston for a walk on the beach. By the time we got off the Metro (a 5 minute journey) the snow and wind had begun! To be fair I knew the forecast but set off anyway and we did have a bit of a play on an almost deserted beach 🙂

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