‘As Memories Surface’

There are many times in our lives – when we are suddenly accosted by a memory – a sight – a smell -a sound – a special date – or occasion – can take us by surprise – evoke so many varied emotions.

Today – is one such day for us – as a family – a stark reminder – (as if we needed reminding) – of losing a beautiful wife – loving mother – precious daughter in law – not forgetting all she was – to so many others.

Two years ago – the grief was almost unbearable – we were gripped with sorrow – struggling to see a way forward – the wounds were deep.

Today – as the memories surface – of that day – we marvel – at the strength that God has given us – to walk through those darkest times.

The wounds are still there – but they are healing – the pain less sharp – the grief more bearable – the sorrow bathed in beautiful memories. Those memories that cause tears of laughter to flow – amidst the tears of sadness – those memories that cause us to stand tall with pride – for who she was – instead of simply bowed with sorrow.

Memories – that are with us everyday – for we need no date to remind us – the memories surface at the oddest of times – and we are forever grateful for them – for they are so very precious – and we guard them carefully.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. It’s good when we get to the point when we can savour good memories as well as experiencing the sad ones.


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