‘Touched By Kindness’

I’ve been touched this week – by the many acts of kindness that I have seen – and heard about – in response to those who are suffering because of this latest war.

There has been an outpouring of generosity – which – as someone once said – is “the most natural outward expression – of an inner attitude of compassion”.

It’s so wonderful to witness in our world today – and something which is important to dwell on – to realise that there lies within so many – that attitude of compassion.

These acts of love and compassion – not only focus our hearts and minds on what is good in others – but also brings a ray of hope into the lives of those who benefit – from those acts – “A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine – in a cloudy world”

My blog last week was about love – and – “Kindness – is love – in action” – a quote that is quite significant for me – as I reflect on the kindness I see – directed to those in desperate need.

I salute all who are involved – those who have initiated these acts of kindness – those who have spent time encouraging others and organising collections – the ones responsible for getting help to where it is needed.

So many – each extending that love and compassion – you are bringing help and hope to many – and have not only touched their hearts and lives – but mine also.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I agree Lois, it’s good to see against a backdrop of such horror.


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