‘My Foot Angel’

Last week I had a real treat – a good friend came over – for a long awaited coffee and a catch up – but that was not all – as she brought along all the ‘tools of her trade’ – as a podiatrist – ( or – as they used to be called – a chiropodist)

So there I sat – feet up – coffee in hand – chatting away with my friend – a wonderful way to while away an hour – at the end of which – I almost felt I was walking on air!

So why – you may ask – do I call her a ‘foot angel’?

The secret- for me – lies in her smile – and the way she lifts this ‘menial’ task – with genuine love and care – to a special ministry.

She cares for much more than the feet she is working on – as she radiates such warmth and interest – willing to invest herself into the lives of others.

I have seen her in action – taking care of so many different feet – belonging to such a diversity of people – yet her demeanour never changes – that genuine love and care – is poured out – ministering – not just to those feet – but to the whole person.

My friend has a gift – and she uses her gift – to serve others – to bless others – just as we are encouraged to do in scripture – “As each has received a gift – use it to serve one another”

I’ve been challenged – by my ‘foot angel’ – to ask myself how much care – warmth – and interest – I invest into all that I seek to do for others – caring – showing genuine love – in all that I do.

So today – I dedicate this blog – to my ‘foot angel’ – (you know who you are!)- and thank you – for being willing – to invest yourself – so fully – into so many lives.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. Everyone should have a foot angel 🙂


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