‘Love Is Not Blind’

This Blog post is simply a copy of a poem -(I felt that nothing else needed to be added) – written this last week by our son – I found it so beautiful – I couldn’t help but share it – with his permission – of course – so thank you Steve

Love is not blind – love has eyes wide open – love observes everything – love looks carefully – stares deeply into the soul – and sees with clarity – the true nature of the object of love

It is not that love is blind – love does exists both because of – and in spite of – what it sees

Love adores what is perfect – love is aware of what is not

But love will not be swayed – love will not be defeated – love is not afraid of imperfections – nor is it threatened by greatness

Love is strong – and love is resilient – love hopes – and love believes – love trusts – and love forgives love supports – and love encourages – love inspires – and love champions – love bends – and love is consistent

Love arrives at inconvenient times – love can be so impractical love is not easy – love requires effort love is hard

Love may fail – but love will never quit

Love weeps – but is the most joyous of friendslove counts the cost and pays the price love hurts – love bleeds – but love chooses every day – to continue being – love

No – love is not blind – love’s gaze is clear love’s sight is true and each morning – love chooses to breath to live – and to love again

Blessings – Lois

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  1. A beautifully observed poem.


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