‘It’s Okay – To Not Be Okay’

It’s been one of those weeks – when I have witnessed – some of my family and friends – ‘not being okay’ – and in fact – have not been totally okay myself.

I guess most of us try to put on a ‘brave face’ – try not to let on that we are struggling with things in life – when asked – we say we’re okay – and really when we say that – we so often need someone to look us in the eyes – hug us tight – and say – “I know you are not okay”

Sharing with others can be difficult – we make ourselves vulnerable – feel weak – when we like to appear strong – we run the risk of being misunderstood – or of pushing others away – but – as this lovely cartoon says “The bravest thing you can ever say – is – Help”

I have to admit that I’m not very good at asking for help – of even admitting that I’m not doing well – I struggle on – try to be brave – to overcome my ‘not okay times’ – yet – I know there is One Who walks with me – Who sees me struggle – and longs to help me – I simply have to ask! – to admit I can’t do some things on my own.

“It’s healthy to admit you’re not okay – it’s okay not to be okay – it’s brave – but don’t let it win – have your moment – your day – or week – then do something about it – and be happy – for yourself” there’s a great truth in those words – because even though it is ‘okay – not to be okay’ – I need to be careful not to dwell there for too long – but to look beyond how I feel – and do something about it.

“My faith is not about everything turning out okay – faith is about being okay – no matter how things turn out”

So – I guess this week has been a reminder to me – and an encouragement too – as I have witnessed others deal with ‘not being okay’- seen them being willing to be vulnerable – recognised again that I have those in my life who are there for me – and above all else – One Who always knows when I am not okay – and waits for me with open arms.

Blessings – Lois

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