‘Labour Of Love

During these past couple of weeks- I have been busy performing a ‘labour of love’.

This year I wanted to express my appreciation to so many family and friends – in the form of their Christmas cards – and so I set out to do that – by hand painting each one.

This obviously involved various processes – and with each process I could see how the end product might look.

From the first background colour – to the painting in of more detail – then the mounting – sticking and cutting – until each picture was ready to be made into a card.

The finished product was now ready – to be written in – addressed – and posted – all – thankfully – manged just in time for friends and family to receive.

As I worked each day – I thought about those who would receive the cards – I prayed that they would see beyond any mistakes – for these were not the most professional works of art – in fact – far from it – but I prayed that they would see the love which went into the making of them – see my intent – to bless them – and thank them – for the love and care shown to me – and to let them know just how much I appreciate them in my life.

I know that I so often need others to see beyond my own imperfections – beyond the mistakes I make in life – and I am so grateful that there is One – Who always sees my heart – my intent – and forgives all my failings,

May God help me – as I continue my life’s journey – to see beyond any imperfections in others – and to see only the love they seek to show to me.

Blessings – and much love to you this Christmastime – Lois

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