‘Long Awaited’

They do say that – “If things are worth having – they are worth waiting for” – and I guess that’s how we had been feeling about a kitchen island that we had ordered in August. We had been told at the time that it would probably take about 3 months to arrive – but that had stretched into 4 months – and we were still waiting.

However – it finally arrived this week – and it had certainly been worth waiting for – our time of waiting was over – and we now had our beautiful island in place.

I find it quite appropriate – that this is the time of year when we celebrate the long awaited birth of the Messiah – something that had been longed for – anticipated – and expected.

So many people – throughout so many ages – had been awaiting this promised Messiah – He was long expected – long prayed for.

How must it have felt I wonder – to actually be there – when He finally arrived. Certainly worth the wait – the hope – the anticipation.

Of course – in the light of the coming of Christ – the arrival of our kitchen island fades into insignificance – and yet – it reminded me – of how important it is for me to remember – those who waited so patiently – for so long. For me – that time of waiting is over – He has come – I have that great privilege – of knowing Him – for He is here with me.

This quote says – “The best things in life are worth waiting for – fighting for – believing in – and just never letting go of” – He is the best thing in my life – may I never lose the wonder – of His arrival – as I continue to believe in Him – and never let Him go – Blessings Lois

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