‘Wherever I Am’

I was travelling on the bus the other day – well distanced from other passengers – and of course wearing my mask – which made it so easy to simply allow my mind to wander.

I found myself recalling the words of a song we used to sing many years ago – I guess this happens more often as I get older!

The song goes – “Wherever I am I’ll praise Him – whenever I can I’ll praise Him – for His love surrounds me like a sea – I’ll praise the Name of Jesus – lift up the Name of Jesus – for the Name of Jesus lifted me”

I found myself pondering on those words and remembering that He promises to be with me wherever I am – He says – “Wherever you are – I am there also” – not only is this such a comforting thought – but helps me to recognise that I can talk with Him wherever I am – whatever I am doing.

Over forty years ago I wrote a poem – entitled – ‘Always There’ – here is an excerpt from it –

“It’s funny Lord where we can meet – In quiet lane or noisy street

Among the crowds – alone in prayer – in every [place I find You there

It doesn’t matter what I do – I know that I am close to You

I feel You near – I call Your Name – wherever I am – it is the same

You’re not apart – or far away – but here with me You are always

To be my constant loving friend – to share my life right to the end”

I love this quote – “When I am with You – everything is a prayer” – and so – wherever I am – I commune with Him – I praise Him – for as that song says – “His love surrounds me like a sea” – and so I don’t have to be in a particular place – I never have to wait for a particular time – He is with me – His love surrounds me – and so I praise Him – wherever I am.

Blessings – Lois

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