‘Seeking To Understand’

A very interesting and informative event occurred this last weekend – we went for a training session with Frankie – our 11 month old dog.

Frankie came to us almost 5 months ago – and although he’s doing extremely well – we were having some issues with him that we decided needed sorting out.

The trainer – that we took him to – believes very much in seeking to understand your dog – which I found very interesting. She showed us how important it is to read his body language – and show him how to read our body language too.

By following a few easy steps we are already seeing some improvement in our interaction together.

Talking about this importance of learning to understand – and read body language – got me thinking how important this is in our interactions with one another.

As this quote says “You can tell a lot by someone’s body language” – and yet – while that is true – I know that sometimes I can judge someone wrongly – by their body language – be too quick to read what I see – rather than stop – really take notice – and try to understand what they may be seeking to convey – or even hide – by the way they act.

As with Frankie – it’s a case of patience – of being willing to learn – to seek to understand.

As in the words of St Francis – “Grant that we may not so much seek to be understood – as to understand

We want the best for Frankie – and so we are willing to spend the time – seeking to understand him – and helping him to understand us too.

So – I am challenged – to extend that same kindness and patience – to others – seeking to understand – and help them – to be the best they can be – Blessings – Lois

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  1. Very true Lois, they say that speech is only a very small percentage of the impression we give to the world and that body language is much more important.


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