‘Capturing Beauty And Creativity’

During our few days away – I have been so appreciative of the ease in which I can capture so much of what I see around me. I always end up taking far too many photos – not wanting to miss the memories that they will provoke in the months – and years – to come.

I was struck – not only with the beauty that surrounded me – but by the creativity I saw – which added another dimension – a unique beauty – blending into the setting into which it was placed.

I particularly loved the woven sculptures that we encountered as we walked around the grounds of a wonderful Country Park.

The simple use of natural resources – used to create these very different images – was very pleasing to the eye – while not distracting from the surrounding natural beauty.

It was a wonderful reminder to me – that the God Who created so much beauty for us to enjoy – and Who gave us the skills to enhance and look after that beauty – also gave us the ability to create too.

As I wandered around – I found myself challenged – for there is a creativity within me – yet I so often hesitate to make use of it – for a variety of reasons – but also simply – just don’t take the time to do so.

I appreciate – and enjoy the creativity of others – who use their gifts – spend time creating so much for me to enjoy – and recognise that I too can bless others – and maybe challenge them too- by using the gifts that He has given to me.

Blessings – Lois

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