‘Still Standing’

My first thought – on the morning after my Covid booster vaccination – was – ‘I’m still standing’.

I had suffered quite badly after the previous vaccinations – and so this time I was very apprehensive about the outcome – especially as I was given the flu vaccination at the same time.

I have to commend my doctors surgery for being so quick to respond to my request for medication – to help combat the sickness – that all helped tremendously.

As this thought of ‘still standing’ stayed with me – I began to think back to the many times in my life when I have had that same feeling. Times when life has been difficult – and yet – I have remained standing – maybe with scars – but mended – and whole.

As this beautiful quote says – “With every stitch I become art – beautifully broken – but still standing” – this picture reminds me of the Japanese art of Kintsugi – where broken pots are glued together with gold – making the pot whole – while not hiding the fact that it has been broken.

I love the sentiment of – in a way – showing off our brokenness – but in such a way that makes our lives more beautiful.

Those hard times – those difficult days – can all serve to make my life more beautiful – as I allow the Master Potter – to put the pieces back together. He always uses gold – always puts me back together to enable me to stand strong – to stand proud of my scars – and continue to show beauty – in spite of my brokenness.

Blessings – Lois

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