‘Beauty In The Mist’

After an absolutely beautiful day of travel – we awoke – on the first morning of our holiday – to a world of mist – causing us to wonder just what we could do with the day.

Fortunately we believe – as this quote says that “If you truly love nature – you will find beauty everywhere” – and so – .off we set – to explore some of that beauty.

We drove through the hills – along a fabulous glen – that mist only adding a strange beauty to the scene -glimpses of trickling streams here and there – sheep happily grazing – absolutely at home in this world of mist.

We came across a sign – pointing into the distance – the way to a nature trail – unhampered by the weather – off we walked – awed by the beauty that surrounded us – inspired to explore this world around us.

Imagine our delight – on surmounting a small hill – we discovered the remains of a castle – mysterious – full of ancient history – so many stories to tell of years gone by – secrets hidden – battles fought – decay claiming so much – yet – much had survived – still stood strong and proud – a wonder for us to behold.

Eager to discover more wonders hidden in the mist – we journeyed on – and imagine our amazement – at discovering a sudden burst of colour in a tiny village garden.

What treasures there were to find – on this misty day – so much we would have missed – allowed to remain hidden – had we not seen beyond that mist – to discover so much beauty.

I guess life can be like that – times when the mist hangs low – hiding so much that can be discovered -I only have to make an effort – recognise that there is always beauty to be found – if only I am willing to look for it. I’m so glad I did that today – my life is so much richer for it – Blessings – Lois

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  1. knsander97 says:

    Beautiful pictures


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