‘Rising To The Challenge’

There’s one thing I have learnt over the years – and that is – that “life is full of challenges”.

There are many challenges that I have faced from time to time – some small – some greater – some that have been easy to overcome – and others that have taken much more effort. The important thing for me is – how I face up to these challenges.

We faced a new challenge just this week. Our car had been booked into the garage for a check up – in readiness for our travels in two weeks time. Only an hour after leaving the car – we received a phone call from the garage – to say that it was not really worth trying to repair the car – as it would simply cost too much!

As you can imagine – it was a bit of a shock for us – and brought with it quite a challenge.

We needed a car! – but finances were tight – however – we have learnt to trust God in all situations – and- we have never faced any challenges alone – not only is He with us – but there are always those who stand with us – and help us to face whatever comes along our path. It was so amazing to see how things worked together – to enable us to buy a replacement car.

I love this quote – “Every difficulty you face – in every waiting place – you’re being given the chance to trust in the things unseen” – or – in other words – the chance to trust in the One Who is unseen. He has proved so faithful to us over the years – as we have leant on Him in our times of challenge.

As this quote says – “Pressure – challenges – they are all an opportunity for me to rise”

I’m grateful for that opportunity – to ‘rise’ again this week – to be at peace in the middle of challenge – to once again experience the love – support – and help of others – and to witness yet another challenge overcome.

Blessings – Lois

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