‘The Best Laid Plans’

Yesterday I was reminded of a phrase we often use – when things don’t always ‘go to plan’ – “The best laid plans of mice and men – – ” – and on looking it up realised that it came from a poem – ‘To A Mouse – written by Robert Burns – there’s always new things I can learn – and I love that.

It was one of those days – when things just didn’t seem to go to plan. I was up early – as always – and enjoyed an uplifting walk in the freshness of the morning – as the sun rose – shedding such glorious colours across the sky.

My plans for the day had already had to change – a plumber was coming – ‘sometime in the morning’ and so I decided to get some baking done – so that I could be on hand when he arrived. Well – my baking didn’t exactly go to plan either – too many distractions – and everything seemed chaos!

The end result was ok though – with all the baking tins being filled up – so the family would be happy.

With all this taking up a good part of the day – I wondered if I would get round to some of the other things planned – one of which was getting a draft done for this Blog post.

I knew it was no use fretting over it – I have learnt that so often I just have to make the most of what is happening – even when it hasn’t gone according to plan – to simply go along with what is happening.

Life really is like that so often – some days things don’t seem to go to plan at all and it’s so easy to allow that to disturb the day- to spoil what can actually turn out to be – an ‘ok day’ after all – and that’s what happened for me – as I did manage to do most of what I had originally planned – and the day turned out fine.

I love the lessens I can learn – even through the chaos that sometimes happens in my life – love that if I listen to my heart – I can see a bigger picture -make the most of what life has to offer- and find enjoyment at all times – Blessings – Lois

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