‘So Much I Take For Granted’

I was reminded again this week just how much I can take for granted everyday.

We’ve had workmen in – fitting a new boiler – and simple though that may sound – it was quite a complicated process,

Life was disrupted – with us having to make so much accessible for the fitters – to allow them to get to radiators and piping – in most rooms in the house. This meant floor boards taken up – cupboards emptied and furniture moved.

Apart from this sort of disruption however – was the fact that the water had to be turned off – and this made us very much aware of just how much we depend on water – each hour of the day.

In actuality – we were not totally without water – as we had filled bowls and pans – before the work started – and so were able to make drinks – get washed – and flush toilets.

It was a sharp reminder to me however – that so much that I access day to day – I do take for granted – so often – and as this quote says –

“The things you take for granted – someone else is praying for” This all makes me stop and think – appreciate – and be more grateful – for all that I have and enjoy day by day.

If there is anything that we have – as a family – had to face these last months – it’s how things in your life can suddenly change – a lot of which – I guess we almost took for granted. But – even life itself – is something that we need to treasure – it’s a gift.

Each day that we live is precious – each person we share our lives with is important – and no one should ever be taken for granted.

Most of all I treasure the person Who always walks with me – I never want to take Him for granted – His Presence is a gift to me every day – and even when life gets hard and I struggle – He helps me to focus on the good that there is in my life – and to learn never to take those good things for granted.

May you appreciate – along with me – the good that is in your life today – and hold onto the preciousness of life itself – never taking it for granted – blessings – Lois

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