‘Emerald Anniversary’

We have just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary – and I have to say that – until it was pointed out to me – I hadn’t realised that it was- in fact – our Emerald Wedding Anniversary.

We had a lovely celebration – being treated to an afternoon tea – always so enjoyable – even though – these days – a little filling for me!

I was intrigued to learn the significance of the emerald – so – as I do – I looked it up on Google – and loved some of the descriptions that I came across – here are a few of them –

"The emerald is a stone signifying faithful - deep and maturing love"

"A symbol of life - known to represent eternity and commitment"

"A symbol of unconditional compassion - love and acceptance - in every form"

I loved reading those meanings – and looking at them in the light of our Anniversary – so many years that have produced that deep and maturing love – as we have been faithful in our commitment to each other – practising love and acceptance – so necessary – and at the same time – so rewarding.

I am so thankful for all those years – and so aware that we owe so much to the One Who has walked with us every step of the way – without Him our lives together may have been quite different – but His faithfulness has kept us – and enables us to celebrate this milestone in our lives,

This last quote says that "Traditionally - emeralds are meant to symbolise growth - reflection - and balance" – and that is what I strive for – that I may always grow – reflect with gratitude – and achieve the right balance in my life – and in our lives together.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. rob D. cairncross says:

    Love to read your blogs – Many, Many congratulations on celebrating your 55 years together. Love you guys.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thanks Rob – hope you are all doing well


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