‘Evoking Memories’

We made a trip to Clumber Park earlier this week- a favourite place of ours – that evoked many memories.

It’s a place that I have visited – as a child – as a teenager – as a mother with my own family – and with so many friends over the years.

The memories evoked are plentiful – filled with fun and laughter – of picnics – in the sunshine – and the rain – of walks around the lake.

Memories of the changing seasons – experiencing the glories of the Autumn colours – the starkness of the bare Winter trees – the first buds of the Spring – and the balm of those Summer days.

There are so many memories that have been made over the years – memories of places visited – holidays spent- and the places where we have lived – yet all have one thing in common – the people we have met – and the friends made on the way – for the places really evoke memories of the people that we shared those times with.

I love this quote – “Each memory has a soundtrack of it’s own” – for each memory is uniquely different – evoking a ‘soundtrack’ like no other – bringing with it all the emotions that are wrapped up in that memory.

There are times when – as this quote says – “I wish I could go back – not to change anything – but to feel a few things twice”

Some of the memories – evoked at different times in my life – are like that – holding such special memories that I would happily experience again – I hold hard to those memories – love to recall them – and most of all to recall those that I shared those times with.

To all who have helped to make those memories in my life – I say a special thank you – as I treasure those memories of you – being thankful for each time that something reminds me – and evokes those times that I treasure – and love to remember – Blessings Lois

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