‘Simply Sending Blessings’

Today I simply want to send Blessings as my Blog post – for that is something that is always at the forefront of my mind as I write each week.

I know from experience just how important God’s Blessing on my life can be – and really don’t know where I would be without His guidance and protection.

So today I pray that for you – all who may come across this Blog post – whatever you may be going through in your life – you don’t need to be alone – there is One Who truly cares – Who will walk with you – and see you through – I quote –

“I asked the Lord to bless you – as I prayed for you today – to guide you and protect you – as you go along your way – His love is always with you – His promises are true – and when we give Him all our cares – we know He’ll see us through – So when the road you’re travelling – seems difficult at best – just remember I’m here praying – God will do the rest “

I have always loved this prayer too – I quote –

” I said a prayer for you today – and know God must have heard – I felt the answer in my heart – although He spoke no word – I didn’t ask for wealth or fame – I knew you wouldn’t mind – I asked Him to send treasures – of a far more lasting kind – I asked that He be near you – at the start of each new day – to grant you health and blessings – and friends to share your day – I asked for happiness for you – in all things great and small – but it was for His loving care – I prayed for most of all “

I pray that for you today – asking Him to be near you – from the start of this day – to the end – and even more than that – may you know Him with you always.

I also pray for health and blessings – for friends to walk with you and support you – and as I pray these things I pray your day will be enriched – you will know His loving care – and be truly blessed – Lois

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