‘Plant For Tomorrow’

I came across this quote the other day – “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

I have so enjoyed planting gardens over the years –

This garden was simply an empty space when we went to live there – it took time to develop it – but gave me so much enjoyment.

We were never sure how long we would live there – but I always felt it was worth the effort – and when we left the young couple who bought the house – loved the garden.

So – we not only planted for ourselves and our future there – however long that was going to be – but ended up planting to make someone else’s future brighter.

Then we lived on a farm (not our farm though) and were surrounded by fields – and – overrun by rabbits!

Anything I tried to plant in the garden was simply eaten – but I didn’t let this stop me – and bought lots of plants to grow in pots. They made a beautiful show around the house – even though we did have to protect some of them with a fine wire netting!

Moving – last November – to where we live now- we had plenty of time to clear lots of overgrown bushes – and plants that had been allowed to run wild – making way for new plants – and starting to make the garden our own.

We began again – to ‘plant for the future’

This thought stayed with me – for it’s not just ‘gardens’ that we plant – we have the opportunity to plant into the lives of others – all the time – to invest in the future – to constantly ‘believe in tomorrow’

Another quote that I found says – “He who plants a tree – plants a hope”

I may not have planted ‘trees’ – I guess I have often planted ‘smaller things’ – but one thing I do hope – and that is that I have managed to sow ‘hope’ into someone’s life.

Blessings – Lois

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