‘Worth The Wait’

A quick Blog post this week – as we have just returned – this morning – from a family wedding. This wedding – like so many others over the past year – had been postponed – for a whole year! – due to the pandemic that we have all been experiencing.

I can’t begin to imagine the emotions of the bride and groom – and indeed of the whole family – as the months have past – laced with uncertainty – as to whether the wedding would actually be able to take place even this week. I wonder how many times they have wondered if they might even have to wait – more than that year!

However – what joy there was – and how fantastic – to see this wonderful couple – rewarded for their patience – held by their love for one another – exchange their vows at last.

One very special outcome of this long awaited wedding – was the opportunity for a great family gathering – something that has not taken place for well over a year.

How wonderful to be able to be together again – to hug – to laugh – to chat – simply to be in each others presence – to enjoy one another – and to appreciate such wonderful friends and family.

They do say that – “The longer you wait for something – the more you will appreciate it” – and I think that has been proved so true over the past two days.

Life so often involves times of waiting- and I – for one – find the waiting so hard – but know from experience – how much I truly value those things that I have had to wait for. This opportunity to get together with so many wonderful people – has shown me once again – how special family is – and – I have been blessed to share this wonderful celebration – that has been anticipated for so long – but well worth the wait!

Blessings Lois

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