‘Finding The Connection’

What a week this has been! – it began when barriers were placed in the garden in readiness for the road outside to be blocked off -as workmen were scheduled to connect a gas supply to our house.

The workmen duly arrived and began the process of digging – first on the verge across the road – in order to establish where the main gas supply was.

Having spent a full day unable to locate the supply line – they proceeded to dig near the house and lay the pipe ready for connection.

The second day was spent with further digging – going even deeper – but still with no sign of the vital connection that was needed – in order to supply the gas to the property.

Another day – day three -a further fruitless search -for the elusive vital connection. The gas meter was due to be installed – but with no supply – this could not happen – and so that job had to be cancelled and rescheduled – along with the next job that was lined up – the installing of pipework in the house and the fitting of a new boiler.

Day four arrived – a different set of guys on the job – but would they have more success than those that had gone before?

Imagine our delight – when at long last – that vital connection was found – even though delayed – the job could go ahead – and in a few weeks time – we will have that new source of power to our house.

With my mind almost fully occupied – over the past few days – on finding this vital connection – I had been challenged to ponder on how vital it is that I have the right connections in my life.

Those connections are so important – not only on a human level – but spiritually as well – as this quote says – “There is a connection between heaven and earth – finding that connection gives meaning to everything – including death – missing it makes everything meaningless – including life”

For us – as a family – that connection has held even more significance during the past 16 months – since our beautiful daughter in law died – we’ve been constantly comforted – knowing that she had that connection – in life – and in death – she found true meaning.

I feel so blessed – I am connected – to the most Vital Source – the One Who truly gives meaning – to life – and to death.

Blessings Lois

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