‘I Need Help’

I read something this morning that caused me to think – I quote: “The culture around me tells me I can do anything I put my mind to – but if I’m honest – that’s not always my lived experience – I wonder if the biggest enemy of hope in my life – is my hope in myself – my self-sufficiency – independence and pride”

I do tend to be very independent – in fact I get told off (in the nicest way!) for struggling to do things on my own – especially with the problems I have with my shoulders and arms.

Instead of asking for help. I’ll struggle hanging out the washing – and watering the hanging baskets – because I want to be self-sufficient. There are always those around me – offering their help – yet – I struggle on.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t make any difference – when I put my mind to something – and for me it’s important to do so – however – I also acknowledge that I need help too – and as I write – I determine to put away my pride – ask for – and allow others to help me more often – realising that in doing so they can be blessed.

I know I can be strong – but in order to be so – I draw strength – not just from within myself – but from others – and most importantly from the One Who gives me strength.

As these words from Scripture say “I can do everything through Him Who gives me strength”

It’s so important – to not only acknowledge Him – but to ask for His help too – for my help really does come from Him.

Blessings -Lois

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