‘Creating Space’

I’m so excited – and feel so blessed – at the new space that has been created for me.

When we moved here last November I was very interested in discovering a well built – but neglected Summer House in the garden – it definitely had potential – but I confess that I didn’t hold out much hope that I would see it transformed so quickly – into a perfect place for my arts and crafts.

Today I’ll be putting the finishing touches in – with everything in place – all ready to get creative – as and when I please – without having to pack everything away each time as I work.

I’m loving this space already!

Creating space is so important – we all need it – for whatever reason.

That space – just for yourself – to have fun – be quiet – be creative – reflective – simply somewhere – just ‘to be’.

It’s not always easy. As I look back over my life – there have been times when it’s been so difficult to ‘find that space’ – I have however learnt to be ‘creative’ – to carve out that space – however small – however temporary – somewhere – somehow.

At times it’s meant getting up extra early – to get that time alone – or going for long walks – even in the rain.

I’ve found it’s important – to first determine those things that are important to you – those things that make you who you are – and from there – to create the space – to allow yourself to enjoy those things – in the end it makes you a happier and heathier person.

So – as I begin to enjoy this new space – created for me – I express my gratitude – and pray that you too will find your space – for whatever you need – it’s worth the effort it sometimes takes – Blessings Lois

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