‘You Are With Me’

It never ceases to amaze me – that each morning as I wake – I do so – with the surety that God is with me – and that fills me with such a joy – reassurance – gratitude beyond description and a peace and certainty that He will be with me throughout my day.

The words from this Psalm say it for me ” And when I wake up – You are still with me”

The words of that Psalm were with me today- and the wonder that He is there – wherever I may go – and whatever may happen in my life.

These verses say – “Where can I go from Your Spirit – where can I flee from Your Presence – If I go up to the heavens – You are there – if I make my bed in the depths – You are there”

Not only is He always with me – but He knows me so well too – “He knows all my ways -even knows my thoughts” .

This is so comforting to me – to know that He understands me so well – I don’t even need to try to explain myself to Him – for nothing happens without His knowledge..

I have experienced so many times in my life – that certainty – that He has been with me – has never left me – even in my darkest times. He – as the Psalm goes on to say – “Hedges me in – behind and before – and lays His hand upon me”

It’s hard to understand the depth of truths in this Psalm – yet – that is what my faith is all about – for although I may not fully comprehend it all – I know from experience the reality of these words.

So today – I dwell in the knowledge that – He is with me wherever I go – and whatever I may do – and I am so blessed.

May you be blessed too – as you contemplate the wonders expressed in this Psalm – Lois

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