‘Stay True To Yourself’

I’ve found it very interesting during these past months to listen to how people have been affected – especially during the lock down periods that we have had to live through.

Some have found it extremely hard – whereas for others it’s been relatively easy.

One thing that it seems to have done – is to reveal to us – ‘who we are’ – especially when it comes to being either an introvert – or an extrovert.

Introverts enjoy being alone – often find it exhausting being with too many people for too long – and so for them – times of enforced ‘being alone’ has been viewed almost as a gift – which they have treasured.

However – for the extrovert – who gets energy from being around others – this has been a hard time – causing them to feel lonely – and making it difficult for them to be motivated.

Then of course there are those who fall into ‘both camps’ – the ambivert – for whom this time has had challenges on both sides.

It’s certainly been interesting to recognise- perhaps to a greater degree – ‘who I am’ – and to learn to accept that – but this does present me with a further challenge – that of being happy – with who I am.

To embrace ‘who I am’ – I need to allow myself to be that person – and for me that is to continue to enjoy my ‘solitude’ – while making time for others – yet not allowing one to overtake the other.

Being brave enough – not only to have recognised ‘who I am’ – but to continue to ‘be that person’ – to “stay true to myself”- and as things ‘get back to normal’ again – to continue to enjoy being ‘who I am’ – and giving room for others – to be ‘who they are’ – introvert – extrovert – or ambivert – as we continue to journey together,

Blessings – Lois

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