‘Finding The Right Balance’

Usually as my morning begins – I take advantage of the quietness of the house – drink in the peace – still my mind and spirit – and refresh my soul.

For me this is so important – sets me up for the rest of my day – and allows me to focus on the One Who walks with me through my days,

I also spend some time exercising my mind – doing puzzles – crosswords – etc.

Later I will walk – or use my exercise bike – in order to keep my body healthy.

The challenge for me at times – is to manage to find the right balance in all that I do.

I can find – in that first stillness of the morning – that my mind is too active – and so can rush onto the next thing that I want to do – or – my day gets so full up I have no time to simply sit a while.

As this quote says “We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection – with so many distractions – it’s easy to forget to pause and take stock”

It’s really all about finding that balance, It really doesn’t matter in which order I achieve those things – but rather that I balance them out – they are all important.

I need to take care of the whole of myself – mind – body and spirit – and maybe – some days I will focus more on one than the others – and that’s alright – as this quote says “You don’t always need to be getting stuff done – sometimes it’s perfectly okay – and absolutely necessary – to shut down – kick back – and do nothing”

So I relax – seeking to always get that balance right – while allowing myself to work these things out – in my own time.

May you find the perfect balance for yourself today – with blessings – Lois

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