‘The Pleasure Of Your Company’

I’ve been rediscovering the pleasure of the company of friends – with the freedom to hug – and be in the warmth.

After so long only being able to see one another ‘online’ – or from a distance -and outside – it’s been so refreshing – and I love it.

What was once an ordinary thing to do – has become special – as this quote says “How beautiful the ordinary becomes – once it disappears”

It’s so often true that we don’t always appreciate something – until we no longer have it – and realise how precious it is when we can enjoy it again.

Just that simple act – of physically being together – has become for me something far more special than it was before – and I don’t want to lose that – but rather to realise that – ‘the extraordinary – can be found in the ordinary’ – and instead of quickly becoming familiar with these things – to value them more highly – to seek to make each occasion ‘special’ – for everyone concerned.

Nothing needs to become ‘ordinary’ again – we can chose to make things ‘special’ – to recognise both the beauty – and the value – of each occasion – especially when we can have – ‘the pleasure of each others company’

Blessings – Lois

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