‘The Early Morning’

There’s something about the early mornings that I so love and appreciate. My sleep is always broken – the pain in my body causing me to toss and turn and wake at least every two hours – so that by the time early morning arrives – I am eager to get out of bed.

I am fortunate – in that I have no early morning responsibilities – so therefore can take my time and enjoy the early hour – soak up the quiet – feast my eyes upon the skies tinged with the glow of the sunrise – attune my ears to the songs of the birds – and drink in the peace – deep into my soul.

I just love this quote – “Each new day – a gift to be opened – sunrise slowly unties it’s ribbon of hope”

Those words capture my imagination – seeing the sunrise ‘untying a ribbon of hope’

Maybe – if my sleep was not so disturbed – I would be content to while away those early hours in bed – but oh – how much I would miss!

They say that “every cloud has a silver lining” – well I guess my silver lining is that I get to indulge myself in the beauty of the early morning – because of my inability to sleep well – so – I am grateful.

Even in the winter time – when the darkness lingers in those early hours – I still find peace – and joy – at the anticipation of the day ahead. As I wait for the dawn to break – watch the skies lighten – revealing the scene before me – it gladdens my heart – lifts my spirit – and brings solace to my soul – and reminds me – as this quote says that “There was never a night or a problem – that could defeat sunrise or hope”

What a wonderful thought to begin my days – as another quote I found says – “With each day – as the sun rises – hope soars”. This always reminds me that I have such a hope – in the One Who walks with me constantly – each day – as constant as the sun rise.

You may not be able to enjoy the early morning sunrise – but I pray that hope will rise in your heart today – Blessings – Lois

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  1. There is something special about that time of day – I tend not to appreciate it so much during the week when I get up for work and then I like to lie in at the weekends, so I don’t watch enough sunrises!

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