‘Don’t Fret – Let Go’

There are times when I sit down to write this Blog – and my mind seems to go blank – or even at times become almost too active – with thoughts tumbling over themselves – leaving me unsure – as to what exactly I want to write.

When this happens – I have learnt to simply “Let go – and see what happens” – to not stress or fret – but to relax – to allow myself to “Be where I am”

It’s amazing just how freeing it feels – to allow myself to ‘be in that moment’ – letting go of any pressure. I do find that it is a choice I have to make – to give myself that permission – strange though this may sound – but I do always have that choice.

In general it’s not too long before inspiration finds me – as I let go – relax – free my mind – quiet my soul.

I love this quote “Take time to make your soul happy”

My soul is not happy if I fret and stress – my soul needs to be still – quiet – and as I take the time for that – my soul is happy – becomes free – to sense – to feel – to be inspired.

I choose today to “Let go and see what happens” – and allow myself to “Be where I am in this moment”

I hope you will be inspired – take time to ‘make your soul happy’ – and be blessed – Lois

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  1. I think most of us have to remind ourselves to just be in that moment – it is freeing to know that this is the only moment we have to think about!

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