‘A Lesson In Patience’

I should have known better! – but I was too impatient – for I had a garden to plant lovely new plants and flowers. Having lived for just over three years where – although we did have a garden – I couldn’t plant anything because there were so many rabbits – that didn’t just dig things up – but ate them as well!

So – as I said – I was very eager – having spent the past weeks getting rid of all the overgrown bushes to make space – off we went visiting garden centres (which in itself was a treat)

So I planted in the garden – filled my tubs – and made hanging baskets – so – all ready – and I couldn’t wait.

Oh – but I should have waited – had the patience to wait a while – as we all know what frost can do to those lovely young plants!

So – sadly – because of my impatience – I did lose some of them – and quickly took all the tubs and baskets inside – replenishing those I had lost.

All was well – and I kept an eye on the forecast – trying to decide when it was safe to put them out again. Each morning I would look out to see if there had been any frost.

Yesterday – after a week of no frosts – out they all went – and guess what – I woke to frost again! – but this time I seem to have got away with it – and all looks well. However – I think maybe I should take precautions to protect them overnight – and be more patient!

A lesson learnt – it pays to be patient and I recognise that it’s a lesson I have had to learn – and am still learning in my life. I have so often been impatient – struggling to wait for something to happen – tried to rush things – and ended up feeling frustrated or disappointed when things haven’t worked out!

God’s timing is always perfect – He knows what He is doing in my life – and I need to remember to trust Him more – and not run ahead. I am thankful that He is so patient with me – as He allows me to make my mistakes – and to learn through them.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. Enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of patience, but I can’t fault anyone for that kind of impatience 🙂


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