‘A Lesson From Life’

There’s one thing that’s very clear to me – and that is – I have never stopped learning – and hopefully never will.

There is always some new lesson for me to learn – some are simple – others much harder. They are mostly the’ lessons of life’

The lesson I am learning just now is that I need to both accept – and enjoy – the slowing down process that comes with getting older!

It’s interesting to realise that true value is not confined to our ‘doing’ or ‘business’ – but there is also value to be found in our stillness – in our doing nothing – as this lovely quote from Pooh says – “Don’t ever underestimate the value of doing nothing”

This is so important for me – as my inclination is to be ‘busy’ – to be ‘doing’ – and I find it hard at times to stay still for long periods of time.

However – at the moment my body is making it hard for me to keep going at my usual pace – forcing me to ‘slow down’ – to ‘pace myself’ – and also to accept this process.

I am very aware that in the slowing down – I can gain so much – I love this quote ” Slow down your speech – slow down your breathing – slow down your walking – slow down your eating – and let this slower – steadier pace perfume your mind” -I particularly love the words “And let this slower – steadier pace perfume your mind”.

What a beautiful thought – and true because as I slow down – take more time to really connect – especially with God and His creation – I can drink in – deep into my mind and soul – take in His Spirit of calm – of love – of acceptance – and in so doing allow true value to be added to my life.

I know that for most of us there have been many times during this past year – when we have simply had to slow down – when the things that so filled our lives were suddenly not available to us – and we had to ‘re-set’ our lives.

In doing so – I know that many have come to value things in a different way – to – as this quote says – ‘truly see the things that matter most’.

My hope is that these lessons learnt – and those I am still learning – will remain in my life – that the slower pace of life will stay with me – and I can accept and enjoy the truth – that there is ‘value in doing nothing’ – in going at a slower pace – and more importantly – that ‘my mind and soul will give off a perfume’ for others to enjoy.

Blessings – Lois

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  1. I’m all in favour of slowing down and I hope that we all remember its value when we go back to some kind of normality.

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