‘No Pain – No Gain’

I’m sure this quote – “No pain – no gain” has been uttered by many this week – as Gyms were opened once more and muscles exercised in a way they had not been for a long time.

Our son went – eager to use some of the equipment and machines to build up and strengthen certain muscles – and he soon experienced the result of all that neglected exercise! Yet – as we all know – all the muscles that he was stretching would in the end become stronger – and he would feel the benefit – achieving the result that he desired.

I picked up a quote on Twitter only this morning – that said – “Faith is a muscle that grows by stretching” – I love that.

When I think of the past year – I realise how much my faith has been stretched.

It’s been a hard year – a year of testing in a way – as we have walked through grief – after praying for a miracle – been cut off from friends and family – in times when we longed for comfort – yet – have come through strong in our faith.

During times like this – the truth of the matter is that my faith is not in what God does or doesn’t do – it’s in Who He is – and so when that faith is stretched -I lean harder into Him – trust Him for Who He is -and my faith grows. It may even seem at times that He is nowhere to be found – but often – they are the times that stretch and strengthen my faith the most. My faith means that I trust He is with me – even when I cannot feel or see Him.

So – I recognise that during this past year – the pain really has resulted in gain – my faith has been stretched – and because of that – has become stronger.

Blessings – Lois

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