‘Shivery – Smoky – and Superb’

Those three words – ‘shivery – smoky – and superb’ – seem to sum up the last week for me – being free at last to spend time – outdoors of course – with friends and family.

I did managed meeting up a couple of times during an unexpected warm spell – but since then – it’s been shivering in those icy winds.

To seek to combat the cold I have shared a variety of fires – some I have to admit – more effective than others! – yet all succeeding in leaving my clothes smelling smoky.

It has all been so worth it though – in fact each meeting with others has been superb in it’s own way.

I guess being deprived of actual face to face contact for so long has to mean so much more than our daily encounters in the past – in those days before we lived under any restrictions – if you can remember them!

I’ve been grateful for all the ways we have been able to stay in contact over the past year – yet have to admit that I’m not really fond of participating in ‘zoom calls’ etc, – it’s not natural and cannot in any real sense take the place of being physically present with each other.

I have found absolute joy – simply being with those I have not seen for so long – yes – there is a certain amount of regret that we cannot physically connect – give that hug – which was always a part of who we are.

But for me – I hold out the hope – that this experience will have taught me to value the small things in life even more – and not to just take things for granted.

So – I cherish those moments – the shivers – the smoke – for they are superb to me.

Blessings – Lois

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