‘Around The Table’

As we look to the end of this long ‘lockdown period’ – I guess for many – the thought of being able to sit around a table – with family and friends – is one of the things we look forward to the most.

The opening up of our cafes and restaurants – the opportunity to meet together – spend time – enjoy conversation – in person – no longer just on social media.

I know some people have been very creative during these past months – they have organised quiz nights – baking competitions – shared a drink – and even shared a meal – but all on line.

How different all that is from being face to face – conversation simply cannot flow the same – we wait for each person to speak – none of the spontaneity of ‘live conversation’ .

As a family- mealtimes have always been important – times when we all get together – share our day – the joys – and the disappointments of life.

When moving house this last year – one of the biggest ‘wants’ on our list – was the space to put our large dining table. It was interesting to see how few places actually had space – dedicated to simply eating together. Space was there to sit – watch TV – to cook – to sleep – but the space to enjoy those leisurely mealtimes was missing.

We did eventually find one – a house we fell in love with – and that had that wonderful space – to both eat as a family – and in time enjoy hospitality with so many others.

Although we have enjoyed many meals here – we are so excited to look forward to inviting others to join us – at our table.

Jesus set the example of eating together – He ate with His friends – with strangers – and even with those who were outcasts in that society.

He shared His life – His hopes and dreams – spoke of everyday things – shared tears and laughter – and left them with the promise – to always be with them – as they continued to eat and drink together – and as they did so to remember Him

I love this quote – “Memories are made when gathered round the table”

How true that is – I have so many memories of conversations around so many different tables – tables in so many different places – in far flung countries – or simply at home – with large groups of people – or just one or two.

Stories are told – lives are shared – and precious memories are made – and passed on.

I pray you will experience many moments – around a table – sharing life – and building memories.

Blessings Lois

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  1. It’s the simple things we wish for now!

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