‘A Tribute’

Just a year ago – when our lovely daughter in law – Ju – died – tributes began to pour in – wonderful messages – recalling so many beautiful memories – expressing thankfulness for the wonderful and kind person she was.

Today – I want to post a tribute – a special tribute to our son – who has walked through this past year with such strength and grace.

A Tribute – to Steve

He has not only carried his own grief – but supported his sons in their grief too – all the time holding on to his faith – even when there was so much he didn’t understand.

It has been both a pain – and a joy – to walk alongside him – to see his maturity – to witness both his vulnerability – and his strength – to watch as he processed what this all meant for the future of himself and his boys – and to see him take care and control – ‘ coming out of the fog of grief’ – as he voiced it – into an acceptance of what life now looked like.

I am proud today – proud of the man he is – as he bravely walks on alone – never forgetting – yet moving forward – unafraid of the future – secure in who he is – and secure in the God he loves and follows.

I pay tribute to our grandsons too – who have also shown strength – and grace – who talk often and with love of their mum – who are secure in their fathers love for them – and who are supported by so many – yet have walked this past year with their own grief – and loss – with a maturity beyond their years.

I am proud of you all – and dedicate this post to you – with love

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  1. Virginia says:

    Lois, so sorry for the passing of your daughter-in-law, Ju. Your tribute to your son is deeply moving! May God continue to comfort his heart (& yours too!) with extra doses of love, peace and eternal grace.🕊 🙏🕊

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you 🙏

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  2. Margaret Mills says:

    What a beautiful tribute. May God continue to grant grace for Steve, Simeon and Ben and the rest of the family in the days ahead. Much love and hugs to you all ❤️.

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  3. Mark says:

    The 3 lads are so lucky to have had you and Phil on hand to support them and pick them up on the difficult days. When we lost Ann, how is that 11 years ago?, Sarah had some very dark days. H also struggled so, unfortunately, she turned to the same release mechanism as Ann! It took a couple of years to get her through by which time the damage was done to our relationship, although we remain friends for the boys. Keep loving and supporting each other. M x

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