‘Look forward’

This weekend – as we move our clocks forward – I align myself with the sentiment that it evokes within me – “Spring Forward” – as I look forward – not only to the new life that springs forth – but also to new hopes – new life experiences – new opportunities.

Yesterday I woke feeling full of anticipation -I was going to sit on a bench and have a coffee with a friend – something I had not done for a very long time.

Over the past months I – like so many others – had stayed at home – and missed seeing my friends so much.

So – for me this was something I had been anticipating and looking forward to for a while.

As this quote says – “Sometimes – it’s good to wait – the anticipation makes it more fun when you get there”

There are so many things that I – along with most of you I guess – am waiting for – the time when we can freely meet together again -hug one another – go on trips – visit some of the beautiful places we have not seen for a long time – and of course those simple – yet such important things in life – like getting a haircut!

Months ago I didn’t really give much thought to so much that constituted my life – the freedoms I enjoyed – the people I interacted with day by day – the places I could go – simply being among others – mixing – touching – laughing – and even crying – giving love – comfort – sharing joys and sorrows.

How rich my life was – how I miss those times – and because of that – how much I will value and appreciate them – when they become part of my life again.

So I’m not going to waste my time looking back at all I’ve missed – for as this quote says – “Looking back gives you regrets – looking ahead gives you opportunities”

My anticipation grows – excitement rises in me – as I continue to wait – knowing that all will seem much sweeter – and valued more – because of the wait.

Spring is in the air – in more ways than one – hope awaits – allow joy to rise in your soul – and thankfulness to dwell in your spirit – Blessings – Lois

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  1. Anticipation is often very sweet compared to the real thing or leading up to it! I wonder if we’ll rush headlong back into all those experiences or we’ll take it slowly.

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    1. loisastwood says:

      Yes I wonder that too.

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