‘A Sun Kissed Day’

On my birthday I received a card from a friend -it was full of lovely news – and describing a beautiful sunny spring day – she used the phrase – ‘the day felt like one of God’s son kissed days – that struck a chord in me and has stayed with me since.

We speak of ‘the sun kissing our faces’ – it’s something that seems extra special after the long winter days – and we lift our faces – for the sun to kiss.

Yesterday was such a day and I revelled in that sunshine – and as those rays touched my face I felt renewed – strengthened – joy filled my soul – happiness burst forth – hope rose up within me – even the spring flowers – that were beginning to shoot – lifted their heads to the sun.

In the card from my friend she spoke of a ‘son kissed day’ – she had not mis-spelt the word ‘sun’ – but rather was referring to a day when it felt as though God’s son was reaching down with a kiss – with a special blessing – just as the sun itself was shining through.

I love the thought of the ‘kiss of God’s son’ – one of those times when He feels so near – when He shows Himself to me in a special way – when He allows me to feel Him – to feel His warmth – when He fills me with happiness – with joy – and with hope.

I pray that you may experience such a day – a sun kissed day -a day when you feel that warmth and joy and hope rise in your heart – Blessings Lois

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