‘Snow Delights’

Over the past days a friend – who recently came to the UK to live – has been posting pictures of snow – not just of wonderful snowy scenes – but of herself – enjoying not just the beauty she saw around her – but also of herself revelling in that snow – something that she had never experienced before. How wonderful to see someone finding such happiness in the simple things of life.

It’s more difficult for most of us – who have grown up seeing and experiencing snow – to fully enter into her joy and excitement – yet for me – seeing the snow does create great memories – and although that first wonder of childhood has faded – I do still find such beauty looking out onto a snowy landscape.

As most of you know by now – if you read my blog posts – I do love finding quotes – they so often express my feelings – and so – I began to find and read quotes referring to the snow – and have been quite inspired as I have done so.

This one resonates with me – “When snow falls – nature listens”. As I walk in that pure snowy landscape it’s almost as though nature herself is holding her breath – and I find myself joining in – listening to the quiet that is created all around me.

I love this quote too – “Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers” – I find that such a beautiful thought – and so true – for kindness can really make such a difference to everyone around. As we show kindness to others – they can feel surrounded and loved – where they have struggled they can suddenly feel lighter – easier – covered by the love showered on them.

And so – as I look out on the snow I find myself inspired – to enjoy the simple things – to reflect on childhood memories – to listen alongside nature – and to cover others with kindness.

Blessings to you all – Lois

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  1. knsander97 says:

    I can relate with her wonder of snow, coming from Perth Western Australia, we don’t get snow. So when I went to live in the UK as a Nanny in rural English countryside and saw snow for the first time, I felt joyful as a kid. The silence too soothes you as well. The way snow sparkles like diamonds and isn’t just white like on the photos you see of it.
    Your post beautifully written as always Lois 💖💖💖
    Just what I needed after having some devastating news about my Dad with stage 4 aggressive prostrate cancer…we aren’t sure what road this will take us..but your post brought back happy memories indeed.
    Kylie xox


  2. They are lovely quotes Lois. I still enjoy it every time snow falls – probably because it doesn’t happen very often. But this week we’ve had a few centimetres so that’s pleased me!


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