‘The True Value’

It’s interesting just how much we take for granted – until – suddenly that’s taken away – and we realise the true value of what we had.

This morning I’m realising again just how valuable my health is – and how often I guess – I take it for granted . On Monday I was fortunate enough to get my vaccination against Covid – being very impressed by the friendly and extremely organised way in which so many of us received that vaccination in such a short time.

However – for the past 3 days I have been quite ill – firstly vomiting almost every hour for 15 hours. During that time – and the following two days I have been unable to eat – and only taken sips of water – so of course am left feeling rather weak.

Today however I am feeling much better – have eaten some toast – and am managing to sit here to write my Blog post – something I didn’t think would be possible this week.

So – today – I truly value my health – and thank God – that I am alive and well.

I’m sure that’s something we have all come to recognise during this past year – deprived of contact with those we love – the freedom to roam as – when – and where we wanted – watching those we love suffer – even losing those we love – maybe living in fear – certainly living with frustration – we recognise the value of all those things.

I guess when we can get back to more ‘normal living’ we will appreciate so many of the things we used to take for granted.

I love this quote – “I think that when the dust settles – we will realise how little we need – how very much we actually have – and the true value of human connection”

Who of us are not missing – and recognising – the value of human contact – of seeing a human face – not on a screen! – of holding a hand – of giving a hug – those things we did before – never recognising the value of them – until they were no longer part of our lives.

I never want to underestimate the value of so much in my life – want to live with an awareness of how important each moment can be – take full advantage – live fully – love fully and value everything – and everyone – in my life.

Blessings to you all – Lois

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  1. Virginia says:

    Lois, hope you are all better SOON! Nausea is no joke, a journey into miserableness of the most distressing order. Prayers for you! pax et bonum – Virginia

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  2. It’s true we forget what it’s like to be ill when we’re well, and then when we’re ill we wonder if we’ll ever be well again! I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’ve had your vaccination Lois.

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