‘A Timely Word’

Recently I’ve been listening to various ‘podcasts’ and recordings on social media – and have been encouraged at the number of times – the things I am hearing are so pertinent to me – at this moment in my life – they are ‘timely words’ to my soul.

I have often found this to be the situation – it seems that so often – when I need a word of encouragement – comfort – challenge – or even – confirmation about something in my life – someone has spoken that word I need to hear – whether that be on social media – or in person.

We all need ‘timely words’ in our lives – need correction – as well as encouragement – challenge – as well as comfort – but the way we receive those words – so often depends on how we were made to feel.

I was reminded of something a dear friend said only this week. She was talking of how we can be frustrated at the actions of others – we can get impatient – annoyed – and therefore often speak out of those emotions – and end up upsetting or hurting those to whom we direct our words.

A phrase she mentioned- in relation to this- has stuck with me – she said that she was conscious of – ‘the importance of how she made people feel’ – concerned with the memories that we leave them with – and how we need to temper our words – watch what we say – and how we say it – as this quote so eloquently puts it – “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said – forget what you did – but people will never forget how you made them feel”

This was a timely word for me – reminding me how important it is that my love and acceptance of others is first and foremost – that it becomes the one thing that others remember. I may be able to speak a ‘timely word’ – (and I really hope that I can) – I may be able to help in some practical way – (and I love it when I get to do this) – but far above that – is – how I make them feel.

I love that as I go through my life – I can learn something all the time – as I pause to write my Blog post – I reflect on events – conversations etc. – and there is always something that speaks to me – that ‘timely word’ from within – that is so important for me to hear – and as I share – I pray that my heart will shine through my words – that others will be able to feel accepted – loved – and be blessed. Lois

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  1. There are some beautiful pictures there Lois. I love the textures of the featured image, and love those images of the trees against the snowy landscape with the fences crossing.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Andrea you are always so encouraging 💕


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