‘The Heavens declare His Glory’

I’ve been missing my early morning walks as it’s been so dark when I really want to go out – but I’m noticing how already that is changing – so this morning I was able to get out as the sun was rising.

I couldn’t resist taking some quick photos – even though I have so many! – the skies never cease to amaze and fascinate me – and they change so quickly too.

You have to be so quick – or you miss the beauty before you. As I walked – and paused this morning words from the psalms came to me – “The heavens declare the glory of the Lord – and the skies proclaim the work of His hands”

I could cover a wall with all the wonderful photos of the sky that I have taken – they speak to me so profoundly of the greatness of God – simply looking to the heavens fills me with such wonder – somehow draws me close to Him – fills me with awe.

And of course the sight of a rainbow in the sky never ceases to remind me of His promises – of His faithfulness – it also reminds me of a very simple song I sang as a child – “When you see a rainbow – remember God is love” – sometimes even the most simple truths that we learn as children can stay with us through adulthood.

Most of the photos that I have taken of the skies have been of either the sunrise – or the sunset – but I also find the storm clouds have their own beauty – their own place too – for they bring with them much needed rain.

I know sometimes we feel that we could do without the rain – much as we wish we didn’t have to go through the storms of life – but – as this poem says – God has promised to be with us – never to leave us – and always to love us – through both the sunshine – and the rain.

So I will continue to – lift my eyes – be inspired by the heavens – rejoice in the glory of the One I love and serve – see His handiwork all around me – and rest on His promises and in His love.

Blessings – on this beautiful morning -Lois

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