‘A Light-hearted Post’

Many people seem to be struggling during these long winter months – especially with all the restrictions that are in place – and so -as I sat to write my blog today I decided to be light hearted – to bring a little fun into the day – and maybe a little laughter – for – as this quote says “Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing”

Imagine Our Surprise

Imagine our surprise
On viewing this new house
To find inside the loo
A tiny little mouse
The poor thing was afloat
For quite simply it had tried
To climb out of watery bowl
Yet in the end had died

But that was not the end
For as we moved in here
We heard noises in the night
And we began to fear
That mouse was not just one
Nor two or three or four
We began to realise
That there were many more 

It seemed this house was shared 
And had been for many a year
Something needed to be done
That soon became quite clear
There really was no option
To the problem that we faced
The large mouse population 
Simply had to be erased

The house is so much quieter
For fewer live here now
Though mice will always come
And get in the house somehow
But we are now aware
And the hard work is done
No longer will we be surprised
Or by mice be overrun

So – as I send this post – I pray that no matter what your situation today – you will be able to allow your soul to dance.

Blessings and love – Lois

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