‘The Solitary Seat’

I’m loving the village we now live in – so enjoying and appreciating the fact that I can walk straight out of the door into the quiet of the countryside – or simply take a short stroll through the village itself.

As in so many places a bench sits in quiet solitude – inviting – almost begging – to be sat upon. I long to sit – would relish that opportunity – that chance to reflect – to feast my eyes upon the creation I see around me – to drink in the quiet – yet – the morning is frosty – icy fingers reach for me – so I pass by – continue on my walk.

Your solitude called out – drew me close – invited me – to pause – to sit awhile – how I longed to do so – yet – sadly I bade you farewell – another time – another day – when the cold is not so stark – meanwhile – I will look around -appreciate all I can -and patiently await a day – that we can enjoy together

Touched by the pull of that solitary seat – I reflect on the solitude so many of us are having to endure during this time – of that deep desire within us – to have someone sit awhile – to join us – share with us.

Much as I had to do – upon seeing that seat – sensing that invitation to sit – yet knowing that to do so would not be wise considering how the intense cold might affect my welfare – I also have to recognize that for now I have to keep my distance – forgo the pleasure of lingering – of sitting in the presence of others.

Yet there is still so much to appreciate – so until then I will walk with patience the path that I am on – always in eager anticipation – knowing that a day will shortly come when we can appreciate so much together.

As this quote by Earnest Hemingway says – “Now is no time to think of what you do not have – think of what you can do with what there is”.

Praying God’s peace and blessing on you all especially during these difficult times – Lois

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  1. So many empty benches this year Lois, not just because of the cold but because we aren’t allowed to sit on them! Wishing you all the best for this coming year, let’s hope it’s a better one.


  2. Smitha V says:

    Such a beautiful post Lois. I felt the peace of your surroundings through your words. Thank you for sharing the beauty of where you live and Ernest Hemingway’s quote. Wishing you a blessed year ahead.

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