‘A Christmas Blessing For You’

I realised today that in a weeks time Christmas will be upon us – so of course I really need to send my Christmas greetings to you all now – as somehow – although it won’t be as busy this year – my mind will be elsewhere next week!

For me there is no better greeting to pass on – not just at this time of year – but at any time than the one sung by the angels that first Christmas time – “Peace on earth – goodwill to all men”.

It has blessed me so much already – as this Christmas season has arrived – at how much ‘goodwill’ I have seen around me. One such example is the way that others have reached out to us as a family very new to this village – only moving here 4 weeks ago! Although restrictions do not allow us to enter each others homes – we have been so blessed by the kindness and friendliness shown – we’ve already chatted to at least six different neighbours (safely distanced of course!) and managed to learn some of their names.

This serves to remind me how even a smile can make someone’s day – a very simple act of goodwill – and as this quote says “A smile is the universal language of kindness”

If ever we needed both peace and goodwill in our lives – and in our world – it’s now – amidst all that is happening around us. We need peace – in these times of great anxiety – and we need kindness – goodwill – at a time when so many are struggling without that human contact.

I love this Blessing that I came across – and would like to share it with you this Christmastime

“Go forth in peace – be still within yourself and know that the trail is beautiful – May the winds be gentle upon your face – and your direction be straight and true as the flight of the eagle – Walk in beauty and harmony with God and all people”

And may you be blessed in a way you have never been blessed before – sent with love – Lois

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