‘Walking New Pathways’

My walking boots came out this week – as I found time at last to get out and explore the new area where we find ourselves living.

How fortunate we are to be able to simply walk out of our front door – straight into the countryside. A lovely quiet country road wends its way between surrounding fields – I hear the lowing of nearby cattle – smell the earthiness – breath in the fresh air.

It truly is food to my soul – I immediately feel at peace – surrounded – not just by the stillness and beauty around me – but by the One Who loves me – knows me – strengthens me and watches over me.

I come across a small bridge – water flowing beneath – allowing me to enjoy that simple sight of water – something that never fails to lift my spirit.

This walk – this exploring of new territory – becomes to me an almost tangible expression of the present reality of our lives. We are walking new pathways – finding our way – seeking to adjust to the changes recently brought about in our family’s life.

I love this quote that I found – “Life gives you the journey – you create the path” So often we cannot predict where our journey in life will take us – at times it takes us by complete surprise – we simply hadn’t seen it turning out the way that it has – but we cannot just stand still – we need to continue to create that path – to keep walking.

How grateful I am that we don’t walk blindly along – but that we have One Who promises to direct that path for us – as we continue to acknowledge and love Him.

I look forward to walking more new pathways – and seeing where He will lead us -knowing that we can trust Him completely. Many Blessings – Lois

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