‘The Wait Is Over’

It seems like it’s been forever – waiting for the house move to finalize – but today – that wait is over – today we get the keys to our house – and it almost seems unreal!

The months of navigating the stress and frustration – that this process has brought with it – will be over – and we can get on with the next stage of our journey.

We’ll be facing many different situations – having to continue to live life without our daughter in law Judith – but alongside our son and two grandsons – we walk forward secure in the knowledge that we are not alone. The God Who has walked with us so far has already gone before us – and as this quote says – ‘He promises to lead the way in love.

I also remember that He promises that we’re never given more than we can handle as we walk our journey. There are times when I feel overwhelmed – as though I can’t take anymore – but then I always sense Him with me – encouraging me to draw on His strength – allowing Him to carry me load – so enabling me to move forward.

So – as I rejoice that the waiting is finally over -I’m also reminded of something we all often say – ‘the longer you wait for something – the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives’ – and I know already that we will so appreciate our new home – and the new opportunities that will give us.

Life is busy – and I anticipate will get even busier over the next couple of weeks as we make our move – so I will sadly have to miss next weeks blog – but in the meantime – blessings to you all – and thanks again for all the support you give to me – Lois

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  1. Congratulations Lois and best wishes for the future.


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